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Best gifts after a C-Section

November 04, 2022 3 min read

According to the World Health Organisation approximately 18.5 million c-sections are performed yearly, worldwide. In the US, one in three babies are born using a c-section procedure. A c-section can be an extremely daunting experience for some mums especially if it’s unplanned. As you probably already know the way you imagined your birth to be and how it was were two completely different things. Adjusting to life postpartum is already a massive change but as you may know, after a c-section you’re even more limited with what you can or can’t do.

To help those seeking gift ideas for new mums, we have compiled a list of items that new mums would find very thoughtful and useful after having a c-section. From simple gift ideas to more extravagant ones, it can be difficult when you’re wanting to purchase something unique yet useful for mum and bub.

  1. Liquids

After a C-section is performed, doctors advise for mums to follow a liquid diet before trying anything solid. A liquid diet can include water, fruit juice, specific soups and high-fibre foods. Try to avoid fried and fatty foods as well as carbonated beverages. The main idea is to avoid anything that may cause gastric trouble. This is because after a c-section, the stomach cannot handle it

  1. Abdominal binder

An abdominal binder can help support a woman’s stomach after an incision to the area. It can help reduce the pain and discomfort post procedure whilst providing support and stability. The abdominal binder is critical for the recovery process after c-section surgery.

  1. Happy Little Camper nappies and wipes

Babies need their nappies changed several times a day, this meaning that you can never have enough nappies and wipes! Whether new mum already has a few spares in a stash, you can never have enough for those times where life can get in the way and you forget that you’re running low! Happy Little Camper baby products are natural, reliable and affordable making them a good option for new mums wanting a natural product that is high quality. Happy Little Camper products contain no harsh chemicals, are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and are leak-free. SHOP HERE

  1. Veeda incontinence and period products

Similar to vaginal delivery, a c-section may also bring excessive post-partum bleeding and incontinence. Post c-section may feel like a heavy period at first before it gradually slows down over the weeks creating the need for extra protection. Veeda incontinence and period products are made from GMO-free cotton and contain no nasties to ensure the most sensitive part of your body only comes into contact with the purest ingredients. Ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent means that you can rely on Veeda for all post-partum needs. Veeda products are hypoallergenic, dermatologically and gynecologically tested so you can feel safe whilst battling motherhood! SHOP HERE

  1. Comfortable and loose clothing

Many new mums begin to breastfeed their baby and need to wear comfortable and loose clothing to be able to do so. This ensures that both you and your baby are comfortable when adjusting to this.

  1. Nursing pillow and pads

A nursing pillow can help protect the C-section incision from rubbing and provides a comfortable setting you’re your baby. It allows a mum to have her baby at her breast without bending, therefore ensures that the breastfeeding activity does not upset her c-section incision. Even if you are not breastfeeding, a nursing pillow can still help protect the incision when feeding your baby a bottle.

As well as a nursing pillow, nursing pads are helpful for mums breastfeeding. In the first few weeks of breastfeeding, your breasts may leak. Nursing pads can make this new change feel a little more comfortable.

  1. Maternity clothing

Although you may have had your baby, your body doesn’t go straight back to how it looked before. Therefore, your pre-pregnancy clothes may not fit for a while, that’s where maternity clothes can help!

It is recommended to use high-waisted maternity leggings that are comfortable and won’t rub against the incision. Pairing the leggings with some maternity tops will help you when nursing your baby. Nursing bras are also useful if breastfeeding your baby as they come with adjustable and supportive features.


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