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When it comes to the Happy Little Camper in our lives, natural is better, which is why we’ve created baby products that are naturally safe and naturally better for your baby's skin and for the environment.​

This means that not only is your baby comfortable in Happy Little Camper, but also safe and free from harsh chemicals.

Knowing the facts, consider making a better choice for your baby’s bottom by making Happy Little Camper your go-to natural baby care brand.

  • Made with soothing natural, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on baby's delicate skin.

  • Be worry-free with the ultra-absorbent natural wood pulp bio-core blend to soak up more liquid than other conventional and organic brands. 

  • Our breathable materials wick away moisture to keep your baby’s diaper area free from skin irritations, reduce nappy rash and most importantly, won't leak.

  • Super soft, GMO-Free Cotton Blend top and back sheet protect your baby’s sensitive skin and reduce the risk of Nappy rash

  • Our cotton-blend back sheet is GMO-free, breathable, and printed with certified inks without lead or other heavy metals. 

Your Questions, Answered.

What is nappy rash?

Nappy rash grows in warm and moist places on your baby’s bottom and appears in patches of inflamed red skin. A baby’s skin is extra sensitive and can overreact to exposure to certain environmental factors and chemicals. Naturally, some babies have more sensitive skin than others and tolerate products differently. Read our blog for more information.

Why is it beneficial to use baby products that are fragrance free?

Chemicals contained in fragrance are classified as allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins and carcinogens. All of those properties are extremely harmful to the human body and can spark extreme sickness.

The most common chemical contained in fragrances is phthalates which is a chemical that makes the scent last longer. Phthalates are carcinogens which have been banned in many countries such as (EU, Japan, South Korea, Canada and China). A carcinogen is a substance that promotes the formation of cancer cells in living tissue and disrupts hormones. Phthalates additionally are linked to health conditions such as reduced sperm count, reproductive issues and diabetes. Like many other toxic chemicals, fragrance can pass from the skin into the blood stream. This can lead to many side effects and health risks as a result of using fragranced products. Read our blog for more information.

Why is GMO-free cotton important?

Conventionally grown GMO cotton is one of the most toxic crops in the world, accounting for up to 25% of the world’s use of insecticides for its 2.5% of global cropland!

These toxic agrochemicals are linked to cancer, infertility, and birth defects, and unfortunately due to the heavy irrigation required to grow cotton, these chemicals are quickly washed into nearby rivers and groundwater. From there, these chemicals permeate into every part of the ecosystem, contaminating drinking water, land, food, and the air we breathe.

Skin is the body’s largest organ and whilst we don’t yet know how quickly and what percentage of chemicals end up in the bloodstream, we do know that many pharmaceuticals are effectively delivered trans-dermally via patches and creams. In the same way, chemicals in personal care products are also absorbed through the skin.

Baby’s skin is thinner and therefore more permeable than adult’s skin. Babies are also more heavily exposed to toxins in proportion to their body weight, resulting in an increased vulnerability to exposure to toxins.

When you consider how long babies are in nappies for, and the dangerous chemicals that GMO cotton has been sprayed with, your baby’s skin is potentially being exposed to accumulative amounts of toxic ingredients soaking into their tiny bodies.

Due to the sensitivity of a baby’s skin, the top and back sheet of our nappies are made up of GMO-free cotton. This means that not only is your baby comfortable in Happy Little Camper, but also safe and free from harsh chemicals.

We're passionate about bringing out the most innovative and natural baby care products.

Everyone deserves to be pampered with skin-loving ingredients

Gentle on the skin

Made with soothing natural ingredients that are gentle on baby's delicate skin. No fragrances. No bleach. Non-toxic and nothing harmful or irritating to delicate skin

hypoallergenic Nappies

The absence of added fragrances, harmful dyes, and chlorine, latex, phthalates, parabens make these Nappies hypoallergenic. 

Reduce the risk of nappy rash

Breathable, natural layers reduce the risk of nappy rash.

Plant-based ingredients

Plant based natural materials make the nappies breathable and comfortable on baby's skin whilst having a lower environmental impact. 

fSC Certified

We source only the purest, sustainably sourced pulp and natural cotton which are all approved by Mother Nature and FSC certified.

free from harsh chemicals

Completely free from polyethylene glycols (PEG), ethyl alcohol, parabens, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), silicone, dioxins, VOCs, lotion, latex, TBT, & GMO.

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