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Our Story

A better choice, naturally. 

Baby in nature with Happy Little Camper wipes
When it comes to the happy little campers in our lives, natural is better. As parents and caregivers, you want the best for your child, which means keeping them happy, healthy and safe — without breaking the bank. We believe that natural and safe products shouldn’t have to cost more which is why we set out on a mission to craft premium natural baby care essentials from the best of nature without the premium price tag.

Pure cotton. Healthy ingredients. Happy little campers.

We began with the basics — nature. We source only the purest, natural and organic ingredients approved by Mother Nature. Lovingly crafted from hypoallergenic, Non-GMO cotton, all of our Happy Little Camper products are pure and healthy.
Our baby care essentials undergo rigorous dermatological testing and are designed and formulated for a baby’s delicate, sensitive skin. Our products make life easier for you to care for your happy little camper with the cleanest, absorbent and most gentle baby care essentials.

Happy Little Camper mummy with baby

Just as important as what’s in our products is what’s not.

We promise that you will NEVER find any harsh chemicals or harmful synthetic materials in any of our Happy Little Camper products. Our baby care essentials are non-toxic, totally chlorine free and contain NO perfumes, dyes, pesticides or optical brighteners. With baby’s safety, health, comfort and happiness in mind, we use only the purest ingredients that pass our highest standards.

From nature to nurture.

Just as we care about nurturing the well-being of your child when it comes to baby care essentials, we care about nurturing and preserving our Earth for generations to come. We value the environment as one of the most precious natural resources. That’s why Happy Little Camper is committed to sustainably-sourced ingredients, earth-friendly manufacturing processes and packaging made from recycled materials for products that are safe and affordable for your family.

Happy Little Camper VS. Other Brands

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