We Believe In A Better World For All Babies.

We Believe Natural Is Better 

For Babies & The Planet.

When it comes to the happy little camper in our lives, natural is better which is why we created Happy Little Camper, we set out to create baby products that are naturally safe and naturally better for your baby's skin and for the environment.​

We Believe No Baby Should Ever Be Exposed To Harmful Chemicals.

Did you know conventional brands can be made with various blends of synthetic materials, toxins, and chemical-laden lotions? This can be extremely dangerous for our happy little campers. These ingredients can cause skin irritation and can also cause lasting health issues for the ones we love. We knew we had to take a stand against these toxic ingredients and that's what inspired our mission when creating Happy Little Camper.

We Believe Every Family Should Have Access To Natural Baby Care At Affordable Prices.

Happy Little Camper products are made from 100% natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic cotton. Our products contain pure and healthy ingredients such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E that are good for baby's sensitive skin. We never use any of the nasty chemicals conventional brands use because we wouldn't sell products we wouldn't be confident to use on our own happy little campers. We believe natural should always be affordable.


Leak-Proof Protection

With a custom-fit shape, our nappies are designed to keep liquid in to avoid any extra unnecessary messes.

Lightweight Comfort

Lightweight nappies with extremely soft, natural, GMO-free cotton so your baby can enjoy cloud-like comfort.


Natural absorbent bio-core retains liquid faster and reduces odours to make parents lives a little easier.

Hilary + Happy Little Camper

When I became pregnant with my second child, I did a ton of research about natural and sustainable baby care products and came across Happy Little Camper. I started buying their nappies and baby wipes and became somewhat of an unofficial brand ambassador, telling everyone in my Mommy circle how amazing their products were for my baby. It’s so rare if not near impossible to find products that are natural and sustainable without sacrificing functionality, which was a big win in my book. On top of it, their price point is so affordable compared to other competitors.

After months of exclusively using their baby care products, I realized I wanted to do something that had a more substantial impact than being just one customer. My management team arranged a meeting with the team at Naturalena, Happy Little Camper’s parent company, to discuss potentially partnering, where I learned about their feminine care product line Veedaand their array of natural and sustainably sourced tampons, pads, and liners. It was interesting because I had put so much effort into finding the best plant-based, natural products for my baby but hadn’t ever considered that same criteria when purchasing feminine care products for myself. I saw a huge opportunity to bring these products to not only parents but women everywhere. As our discussions progressed, I knew I wanted to help grow both of these incredible brands in impactful, thoughtful, and meaningful ways.

I know you'll love the products as much as I do and I'm excited to take you on this new adventure with me."