How to make an easy folding nappy cake (non-rolled)

February 01, 2022 3 min read

Making a nappy cake can be easy with practice but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many different types of nappy cakes and methods to build them. The post popular method is using rolled-up nappies, however some mums find it time consuming unrolling them to put away. The method below uses folding however if you would like to learn about how to make a rolled nappy cake, you can view our step-by-step blog HERE.

If you’re attending a baby shower or party a nappy cake can be a thoughtful, personalized and time efficient gift! Whether you’re lacking time, don’t know what to get or have to buy something on a budget, you can always count on making one of these and the receiver will be sure to love it!

Firstly you’ll need to gather all necessary items to create the nappy cake. Some articles encourage all sorts of additional items to make the cake (e.g. glue gun etc.) however we have gone for a simplistic, easy yet effective way to make a nappy cake. You can also add more products onto the cake such as clothes, stuffed toys, shoes - it really depends how generous you want to be. The example that we made here was one tier, however many cakes can be two, three or four tiers. The steps we have provided and products recommended to create the nappy cake is based off what we created so please bear in mind that if you want to create more tiers or add more items, you may need more products than we are recommending.


Items you’ll need

  • 18 Happy Little Camper nappies
  • 2 packets of Happy Little Camper wipes
  • 2m ribbon (any colour)
  • 2 elastic bands
  • A tray or stand (for the cake to sit on)
  • Stuffed toy






Step 1.

When forming your first layer, picture in your head that you want to be making a fanning effect with the nappies. Start by holding your first nappy horizontally on its side on the tray. Hold your second nappy and place it behind the first one the same way, however about 2cm down (left) from the top. (see images to visualize).





Step 2.




Continue step one with more nappies until you reach around 9 nappies and you can no longer hold them in a bunch with one hand. When you get to this stage, tie one elastic band in the middle of the cluster to hold it together





Step 3.

Repeat steps one and two to form a separate second cluster of nappies



Step 4.



Hold the clusters together to form a circle with a hole in the middle. Tie the ribbon around the outside of the clusters






Step 5.

Place two packets of Happy Little Camper baby wipes in the middle hole area with a stuffed animal sitting behind the packets.


Now you should have the perfect nappy cake!



Feel free to add some extras on the cake to give it your own touch or of course gift as is. We hope that our step-by-step guide helped you form the perfect nappy cake!



To purchase Happy Little Camper nappies or wipes, click here.


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